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Balada . 2019 

Balada is a multi-channel video installation featuring a trilogy of video works, including a performance of oriental dance based on three basic movements in belly dancing. Each of the video works is based on a different circular movement originating in the folk ballad. 

The three video works - Maya, Omi, Infinity - represent three continuous movements and express ancient mystical concepts related to vitality and infinity according to sources from the East. The video works are projected on white fabrics hanging in space, mirrored in mirrors and accompanied by traditional Arabic music. The ancient belly dancing folk began as a sacred ritual expression and has undergone many incarnations on its way from east to west, from tradition to entertainment, but it has always preserved its uniqueness as feminine and empowering dance, with ancient historical roots related to life and birth.

The title of the installation - Ballada, come from the Ballad folk and also mentions the term ballad (song that tells a story). 

Balada . 2020 

Installation View

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