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IRAN - ISRAEL . 2013


Video & Performance

   Collaboration between Maya Smira & Samira H.

Iran-Israel video and live performance show two young female artists leaning onto each other, pushing and holding at the same time. One is from Iran and the other from Israel, nowadays enemy countries. The scene takes place in a deserted landscape, which is similar both to the Israeli & Iranian remote landscapes. The women uses their bodies to create a simple shape of a triangle which they tend to keep stable even when their bodies start to exhaust and shake. The artists try to manifest the interpersonal tension that is generated by their bodies, as well as the political situation. This feminine manifestation of coexistence, depicts how bodies interact with each other in a situation of dependance & conflict.
The durational live performance takes place simultaneously as the ongoing video projection.

Installation View: 

Video Projection at San Francisco Art Institute Tower 

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