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Present Perfect is an ongoing project exploring femininity using video portraiture. This is a multiple channel video project, documenting women in their 30's from various locations around the world. Each woman is facing the camera alone, attempting to fix her attention on it for 7 minutes, against a white background, in a close-up vertical format, as required by the “classical” portrait. The result consists of a series of video portraits, installed together vertically on the walls, as if they are looking at each other, and at the viewer. Each monitor showing a different video portrait on a continuous loop. The 4K monitors add a feeling of realness to the exhibition, showing these women in their actual size. 


The first exhibition took place in 2017 at the Artist House, Tel-Aviv, showing time based portraits of young women from Israel and the USA. The project continues to expand in new locations around the world, in order to give expression to more women in new places, in order to capture a contemporary wide world view about femininity. The solo exhibition was supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund, following the winning at Outset Award for Best Video Artist at the Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair in 2016 in Tel-Aviv.

The second exhibition took place in 2019 at the Brownie Galley, Shanghai, showing videos of young women from Israel and the China. This project was a part of a larger solo exhibition, following an artist residency program at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.

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